Statistics show that your firm can lose over 30% of existing business because of bad customer service. Many of your clients are going through the hardest time of their life. Many are not sure how they will ever get back to work or pay their bills. These people deserve to always know what is going on in their case. However, your employees are extremely busy throughout the day and do not always have the time to communicate with clients like they expect. Legal Teams are busy performing a whole host of tasks for many clients all at different stages in the process. Important items can fall through the cracks. But all clients deserve a high level of respect and attention. Clients have expectations that might have gone unnoticed. This is where Amelia comes in. She has the ability to keep your clients informed on their case.

The ONE LAW Client Portal gives your clients access to information and team connections like never before. Amelia is trained to engage with each of your Client Portal visitors on a variety of topics. When you see our Client Portal, you will be extremely impressed with Amelia’s ability to hold custom conversations, with each visitor. She can discuss your Client’s case status, health journal, doctor visits, Dr. appointment reminders, and much more. When a client calls your firm they will be greeted by Amelia. She instantly recognizes these callers as a client and professionally offers to transfer them to their legal team. This creates a friendly environment which lowers client’s frustration. With Amelia, every one of your clients has their own virtual case manager.


Amelia is a conversational assistant that can interact with every visitor that visits your website. She has the ability answer questions about the company, the website, the type if cases we represent, case status as well as qualify a lead. Unlike chat bots, Amelia has the ability to understand and change conversation topics based on what the user is saying. Chat bots that you find on the market are limited to  classifying what a user is saying while Amelia is trained to comprehend and react accordingly. What most people think to be a subtle difference between classifying and comprehending makes a gigantic impact on the end user’s experience.

Amelia can provide clients a FULL free case evaluation in which she can qualify a case and send out a contract for signature, if appropriate.  She can also recognize those situations when an Intake Specialist must get involved. 

She can also be trained in those areas your firm does not practice and provide them other resources so that you are only receiving hot leads.

If a user cannot seem to find something on our site all they need to do is ask Amelia.  She can answer the question and provide a like to the correct area of your website. 

There is also no limit to the load Amelia is able to handle. We did not want to develop a chat bot who greets the visitor and immediately transfer the conversation to a representative.  Humans have a hard time handling more than one conversation at a time.  People know when someone is not giving them their full attention. 

 Amelia handles the website conversations for clients of ours with 40,000+ monthly website visitors.


Amelia can act as a full time receptionist. Answering every call that comes in with a welcoming “How can I help you today?” She does this with no phone system numeric involved. Every time someone calls in Amelia can searches the system to see if they are a client so she can immediately offer to transfer to their legal team. If they are not a client or they choose not to speak with their team Amelia can offer a number of solutions. She can transfer to individuals, departments, provide, office hours, location, employee contact information and much more. 


It is extremely impressive to watch Amelia communicate in our website conversational window when the visitor speaks Spanish.  Amelia opens up in English but the second the visitor response in Spanish, Amelia switches her language.  

The transcripts that are created are all in English to make it easier for your Intake Specialists to understand.  

The ability to add additional languages is coming.  


FINALLY there is a tool to keep in touch with your client.  Everybody has a mobile device in their hands.  It is common place to text, PM, or email instead of calling.

Our Client Portal is a great way to increase communications with your client without incurring additional employee costs. Sure there are several portals out there but they have been designed to be just an extension of a TEXTING tool.

Our Client Portal is different. We are pulling real-time information from your CRM system.  This is our advantage over others.  Your clients have access to their case and can do a large variety of things.

  1. Review and update personal profile
  2. Update their daily health journal
  3. Review and update their recent Doctor visits
  4. Get reminders of upcoming Doctor Appointments
  5. Know who and how to contact their legal team
  6. Know when the legal team contact changes
  7. Upload images and videos
  8. Send a request to their legal team requesting a meeting
  9. The legal team can send a request to client for a meeting
  10. Notifications and reminders are sent and read to your client
  11. A special Day in Your Life conversation between Amelia and your Client
  12. Definition and description of status and the flow of their case
  13. Detailed administration analytics

What we are learning from our Client Portal is REAL LIFE stuff.  They tell us heart felt emotion filled updates and medical changes in their road to recovery.  All of this is having an impact on the development of the case.

We have 1,000s of clients already using this tool, many on a daily bases.

This is cutting edge stuff!


The ONE LAW Mobile APP is allowing us to interact with users like never before. Our Amelia toolset assists you with collecting data, regarding an accident.  The technology can even pull in weather, GPS and a number of other features from your device to give you a real picture of what happened in the accident. 

Our APP is focused on those Teenage Drivers.  WE worry the minute they leave the driveway.  Well, our APP contains TEEN Driving tips.  We constantly update this blog to inform you of safety tips, law changes and more.  We are working on technologies that can indicate if a sudden event just happened.  An alert could be sent to the parents phone.  

This APP is available on Android and Apple devices.