With increased competition in today’s personal injury market, it is imperative that your Intake Teams take advantage of each and every potential lead. Your firm spends a great deal of money to get potential clients to view your website or call your office for more information. Amelia is here to make sure that you do not miss out on these important opportunities. Amelia is able to greet every visitor to your website and every caller reaching out via telephone, because we believe that every potential client deserves to be heard, and helped, right from the start. The traditional chat bots and answering services available in the market are merely built to satisfy the most basic requests. They simply exist in order to qualify a text message and then pass information along.

Amelia is revolutionary. Unlike the traditional AI methods of connecting with clients, Amelia is trained to actually comprehend and react accordingly. Many people make the mistake of assuming there is only a subtle difference between the concept of “classifying” and “comprehending” when it comes to AI assistance. In fact, the difference in semantics is profound, and comprehension is the key to a successful and helpful interaction between Amelia and the potential client, making it a more pleasant and knowledgeable experience for all parties involved. Amelia can discuss a potential case with a visitor and determine your firm’s ability to represent them or not. Never again will you worry about your advertising funds being wasted or losing potentially perfect clients due to a misunderstanding of their needs. Amelia has the ability and allure to grab the attention of every potential visitor, and ultimately transform the industry’s handling of leads generated by advertising.


Amelia is a conversational assistant that can interact with every visitor that comes to your site. She has the ability to answer client questions about the company, process as well as qualify a lead. Unlike other chat bots, Amelia has the ability to understand and change conversation topics based on what the user says. Chat bots you find on the market are built to classify what a user is saying while Amelia is trained to comprehend and react accordingly. What many would think to be a subtle difference between classifying and comprehending makes a gigantic impact on the end user’s experience.

Amelia can provide clients a free case evaluation in which she can qualify a case and send out a contract for signature. She can also be trained in areas you do not practice and provide them other resources so that you are only receiving hot leads.

If a user cannot seem to find something they are looking for on your site all they need to do is ask Amelia and she can provide the link to get them there.

There is also no limit to the load Amelia is able to handle. Other chat bots ask greet the user and ask if they would like to speak to a representative who can only handle one chat at a time. Amelia handles the chats for clients of ours with 40,000+ monthly users.



Amelia also helps users calling in to discuss a potential new case. Based on her unique ability to extract important details from what the user says, Amelia can determine the type of case that the user is considering. Just like the chat window feature for your website, Amelia can be trained to assess incoming calls that pertain to areas your firm handles routinely, or she can offer other resources to the callers that don’t fit your firm’s case criteria. For the types of cases you do handle, Amelia can transfer that lead directly to your intake department and track the type of case the user was calling about.

Amelia’s intake voice is also trained to qualify new cases by asking a number of comprehensive questions about the incident. Should all the case criteria be met for qualification, Amelia is able to send out a contract for signature.



Our Call-Track program manages all of your intake case conversations. Lead generation and management is arguably the most important aspect of any successful business. Call-Track allows you to assess and utilize leads efficiently and effectively. Questionnaires for every case type can be stored via Call-Track, so your intake team will be able to gather data that is relevant to each specific case. Your leads are stored by case type, market, source, quality, and several other reportable options.

Reporting is an essential aspect that makes this program one-of-a-kind. Reports can be run based on a user-precise sorting feature, which you can use to track down what marketing strategies are truly working for your firm. This reporting platform has already been integrated with case management software systems (Needles etc.) and has the ability to work with other CRMs in order to provide a seamless flow of data.


Our hi-tech automated Intake system is integrated directly to our Investigator mobile app with one push of a button! You can upload all of our our collected data from the Call-Track system to the Field Representative’s (FR) mobile device. Once in the field, the FR interviews the client, gathers all of the necessary signed documents, and collects any images required. Then the FR can submit the collected data to our Call-Track system for immediate distribution of all the information and images obtained. You also have the ability to upload your own documents, injury or property damage images/videos, and the client’s images of the accident if available.


Everyone knows and remembers the faces they see on TV, in magazines, or ads on billboards. We can turn you into your very own avatar that promotes a friendly face for your homepage and personalizes interaction with your clients. Client experience is extremely crucial in any competitive market, so what better way to continue the growing success of your brand than to be your client’s main contact?