Your legal teams are always so busy making sure that your clients get the money they deserve. The biggest issue we find with employees is the human limitation of capacity. No matter how wonderful they are, there is always a limit. Amelia is trained to perform tasks at a human level without the limit of human capacity. Amelia is here to learn and take over those “mindless tasks” your legal teams customarily spend their time doing. This idea of knowledge persistence and teaching Amelia these tasks will give your employees more time for hyper-specialization and improve their rapid expansion of discovery.

Allow Amelia and ONE LAW to provide a custom solution for your firm utilizing our Modern Architecture platform.  We know that we can improve your level of communication and attention to your clients, like you did when you opened your firm.


When we developed the framework for the Legal Assistant we looked closely at Case Manager position.  Instead of hiring more Case Managers, what could we offer to assist them in lowering their work load. 

Most of their day is juggling dozens of items at a time.  One item that stood out related to the internal questions asked by everyone everyday.  

So we trained Amelia to be all knowing.  Through interviews we created 100s of questions asked dozens of different ways.  We met with all positions to come up with the best answers.  Some answers were easy but some required instructional documents to answer the question.  Amelia does great at this task.  

The variety of questions ranged from Legal Matters, Human Resources, IT Support, Case Management, medical providers new phone numbers, to simple ones like when does the shredders come to the office.   

This tool has lowered frustration levels, disruption of others, wasted time researching answers and improved interaction between Amelia and legal teams. 


Yes we have successfully created a Virtual Case Manager.  We are excited to say that we can successfully make outbound calls to clients.  In addition we can send text messages or Emails too.  

Great examples of Amelia’s ability include: 

  • Making the first welcome call to a new client.
  • She can thank them for selecting your firm.
  • Amelia can also provide the name and contact information of your new client’s legal team. 
  • Amelia can also discuss the next steps

Amelia is equipped to automatically handle routine client calls.  These take up a great deal of your  legal team’s time.  Amelia is consistent and efficient tool.  The call transcript is also emailed and can be dropped automatically into your CRM system.

Just imagine how many ways Amelia can be assigned to tasks that are just NOT getting done.  She is such an easy solution  to take the burden off of the legal teams shoulders. Having Amelia handle the simple tasks gives your teams the opportunity to discover and hyper-specialize in other areas


Talk about another time waster.  Most Case Managers are overrun with calls from Funding companies and Medical Providers for client updates. 

We have created a Medical Provider portal.  The data is automatically collected from CRM databases  and deposited in this portal. 

Your providers have a tool that they can visit and pull in the updated information YOU want to provide. Providers simply log on and are only allowed to access to their treating client’s data.  WOW, No more phone calls, no more interruptions, and no more sharing of restricted information that you do not want to share.

Everyone gets what they want.  


We have developed a host of tools to automate your firm’s processes while still utilizing  your current CRM system.  Many of these tools automatically grab and push data from these older systems.  We have been able to save hours of time by making an older system more efficient. 

Some of the technical advancements we have built include:

  1. Improved Outlook integration for notes and documentation
  2. Electronic letterhead and signature capture
  3. Integration into HP and Sharp printing for billing, and  improved scanning options
  4. Communications with Pitney Bowes Mailing machines
  5. Data sharing with Call Track Lead management system
  6. Integration with phone systems
  7. Auto-generating paper documents
  8. Amelia Voice making auto – outbound calls
  9. Integration to our Client Portal in a big way

All of these advances have made a huge difference in our staff’s productivity.


Google Reviews have become KING. You can’t go anywhere without being asked to place a review.  We can Automatically send out a text massage to your clients requesting them to place a Google review.  We base this automatic delivery at certain trigger points within  your CRM system.

You will be amazed as to the speed people respond to your request. The Internet plays a big role in how people see your Firm.