Augmenting the Traditional Firm

As much as we all hate to admit it, the only constant in our world is change. Every day, the traditional working model of the law firm we are used to is changing. Our firms are getting busier and busier with more work while our client’s expectations for communication are also increasing. The current workforce is no longer enough. Studies have found that an office worker spends roughly 552 hours per year completing repetitive tasks such as talking on the phone and providing case updates. This is equivalent to about 33% of a working year. With the introduction of artificial intelligence into the workplace you can remove a heavy amount of the monotony that your employees face.

Artificial intelligence has received a bad reputation, as strictly being a way for employees to save capital by reducing the human work force. It is true that artificial intelligence can help to reduce workforce as an effort to save money. However, the original design was to create a much stronger workforce that can elevate a company and their employees to new heights.

This is the idea behind Augmented Intelligence. Leveraging artificial intelligence to focus on an assistive role which enhances human intelligence. AI has the incredible ability to achieve human level outcomes without the human limitation of capacity. Human workers have a very definite level of capacity. Once this capacity level is reached no additional work can be done. Instead, we could have our human workers teaching these repetitive tasks such as updates and customer communications to artificial intelligence through a concept called knowledge persistence. Allowing artificial intelligence the chance to take over mindless tasks, all of the sudden we open up new capacity for your workers to up-skill and hyper-specialize.

This new time created for employees is one of the greatest investments that can be made. For employees, they are receiving time back in their day to do the parts of their job that are interesting and rewarding. For employers, your employees are now doing things that could open up new business opportunities or at least provide more time to focus on those things that are actually moving the needle. It has also been shown that companies that leverage artificial intelligence alongside of their human workforce see an increase in retention among their employees.

A great example of this coming into play are law firm intake departments. These departments take on extreme call volumes every year. A number that continues to go up. These high call volumes cause for an unsatisfied workforce. Churn rates for call centers are higher than they ever have been with the average tenure for a young employee (those who are beginning to take over the working world) between 20-34 being only about 1 year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The cost to replace these intake workers adds up quickly too. A Cornell study estimated that replacing one call center representative can amount to about 16% of their gross annual earnings.

Here is where Amelia comes in. Amelia can field the calls before they every get to your intake team. Amelia can have a brief discussion with the potential new client and qualify them as a case your firm would be interested in taking. Amelia can then, either sign the case right there or hand off the call to an intake specialist. Having already qualified the caller, your intake team can now spend time learning about the case and uncovering more information that leads to a more well-rounded case for your legal team. With the current model most intake specialists do not have the time to get down to the nitty-gritty because they have multiple new calls to get to.

Allow Amelia to help your firm give time to your employees so they can make a real impact on the business every day.

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