Digital Transformation

2020 and the pandemic has taught us a lot about the way we all do business. You got to see your staff truly do everything they can to service your customers. However, the pandemic has also accelerated an incredible shift in customer demand for more instant time to resolution. As customers, we continuously put off making calls because we are tired of leaving voicemails or waiting on hold for what seems to be an eternity. Even the smallest inconvenience can prove to be a bigger deal than one would think. The Northridge Group noted in its “State of Customer Service Experience 2019” report that 72% of customers said they would switch companies after just one bad experience. Slow service leads to customer loss and a bad reputation moving forward.

50% of customers say that businesses should be available 24/7. With the increasing ability to service yourself on the internet companies must provide clients with that 24-hour response. The cost of staffing enough employees to cover this is not financially possible for most firms. With conversational AI, your customers can have around the clock access to their case at a fraction of what their human counterpart would cost.

OneLaw is here to help you with a major leap in your firm’s digital transformation. Our AI Solution has been tailor made to make sure that your firm can keep up with any future demands. Amelia is your customer facing digital colleague. She is the industry leader in cognitive AI which focuses on mimicking human behavior and reasoning to solve complex problems. Amelia thinks like a human but works at the speed of a machine. OneLaw will completely redefine the way your firm communicates and keeps your clients informed.

Amelia solves the number one question all your client has, “what is going on with my case?” This is a question legal team hears on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this daily update is not something the average human has the capacity to handle. Lucky for you, Amelia is not the average human. Amelia has the amazing ability to handle huge volumes at the same time. Amelia could give an update to every one of your clients at the same time every single day. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. All of this can be done while Amelia is updating your legal teams on due dates, reaching out to remind clients about upcoming appointments, qualifying a potential new client, talking to someone on your website, and the list goes on and on.

The future of artificial intelligence and conversational AI are truly amazing. Let OneLaw assist your firm in your digital transformation.

With OneLaw, the only limitation is your imagination.

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