The Digital environment is here to stay and growing in importance every day.  Law Firms have traditionally used TV, Radio, and billboards to get their message out.  As marketing continues to shift away from TV and radio, digital platforms become more important.  One of the biggest reasons for these shifts is the cord-cutters.  The Internet to everyone’s homes and businesses is getting stronger and faster.  All of us have a multitude of choices.  We can visit websites with a simple search, watch a movie on our computers, tune into our favorite TV show anywhere in the world or keep up with the world events on social platforms.  People today expect a new level of response.  No longer do they feel the need to listen to the phone ring and then be put on hold and then be told that someone will call them back within the next 4 hours.  Not acceptable.

They want speed and efficiency.  In the ’90s, chatrooms and chat windows were the rage.  People enjoyed the anonymous feeling of communicating with others.  Then Chat windows started to pop up on company websites to manage the visitors looking for help.  They were an entry point to most service departments.  Visitors were happy with communicating about a particular problem and the chatter could solve their problems.  As improvements to the web experience grew, more and more people used this tool in their everyday life.  The introduction of computers in your home aided in this overload of communication 24 hours a day. Fast forward to the mid-2000s and the introduction of mobile phones/devices created even more demand.

The demand is so great that traditional Chatbots are overloaded.  When you begin a chat with a chatbot it’s really set up to channel you down a certain path.  It is also a delay tactic to give the chat agent time to engage.  This is why most chatbots fail.  There is too much idle time waiting for a chat agent to respond. Chatbots are not designed to carry a conversation.  They are there to gather a few answers and get you to receive or make a call.  A chat agent can only handle 1 maybe 2 chats at a time.  When you add in all of their other duties chat conversations begin to take a back seat.

Chatbots are not dynamic enough to provide the level of service most visitors need.  So Live Chat enters the market.  Companies realize Chatbots are not the answer due to the limitations listed above.   Also hiring more full-time employees to answer the chats is way too expensive.  Live Chat is the newest form of chatting.  But you are not going to get the level of attention nor the depth of knowledge that your clients require.  It is also very expensive and still creates a disconnect between the live chat person and your company databases.

So if Chatbot and Live Chat are not the answer, what is the best solution?  The best solution is a Hybrid approach.  Let our Conversational AI, Amelia, sit in your chat window.  Amelia can carry on a conversation, keep the chatter’s attention alive, come to a resolution and manage all of the distribution of data.  Every chat has an electronic transcript and recording so you can see how the chats are handled.

Another great thing about Amelia over a Chatbot or LiveChat is her ability to hold a conversation in over 100 languages.  No special numbers are needed.  The visitors can simply begin to chat in their native language.  So smooth that your clients will love the experience.  Another advantage of Amelia over a chatbot or Live Chat is her ability to be a talking avatar.  This gives your visitors a human-like experience.

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