Personal Injury Communication Tools

service-img-92020 and the pandemic has taught us a lot about the way we all do business. You got to see your staff truly do everything they can to service your customers. However, the pandemic has also accelerated an incredible shift in customer demand for more instant time to resolution. As customers, we continuously put off making calls because we are tired of leaving voicemails or waiting on hold for what seems to be an eternity. Even the smallest inconvenience can prove to be a bigger deal than one would think. The Northridge Group noted in its “State of Customer Service Experience 2019” report that 72% of customers said they would switch companies after just one bad experience. Slow service leads to customer loss and a bad reputation moving forward

We are living in an extremely high touch world. Onelaw is here to take some of this burden off of your team. Communicating with clients Is an extremely important aspect of the work your firm does. However, allow your human workers to do the things that really move the needle and let Amelia handle the high touch communications.

Amelia will call your clients to give update on their case, request needed documents from clients, ask about treatments and so much more. She will also have email conversations as well as text conversations to make sure you client is kept informed.

With the OneLaw portal clients also have 24 hours access to see what is going on their case. Amelia has conversations with every visitor to make sure they not only get the information they are looking for, but also that Amelia extracts the information that your team can use to help build a case.

Keeping an informed client is the number one way to grow your business. The word of satisfied clients gets around fast. OneLaw can help you get the message across.

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