Personal Injury Leads

service-img-3Every day, the personal injury market gets more competitive, new competitors are entering the market with inspired and diverse marketing campaigns. It has become more difficult than ever to differentiate yourself from the pack. The largest firms with the best hold on their individual markets are spending tens of millions a year on Marketing. This is in hopes to get the phones ringing off the hook. Which does quite often work. The issue now becomes capturing the leads you are attracting.

Unfortunately, us as humans have one limitation that we just cannot simply overcome: Capacity. No matter how great the employee, there is an extremely finite amount of work or new leads they can handle at a given time, in a day, month, etc. Your phone is ringing but your entire team is already on the phone.

The old solution was to send your calls to a call center. This can be helpful because there are more of them to take these calls. However, they also still have a capacity. The cost of this can also prove to become very expensive. Many of these call centers can cost you over $3 per call.

The time has come for a solution that is truly built to scale and grow with your firm. With artificial intelligence. Capacity is a worry of the past. Amelia and the OneLaw platform are built to handle thousands of incoming leads all at the same time. Amelia, often referred to as the most human AI, mimics human brain function to give your callers and web users the most human like experience possible. OneLaw is changing the idea of artificial intelligence being just that, artificial. Amelia thinks and talks like a human but at the speed and capacity of a machine.

Our platform has been tailor-made to understand the personal injury market. Amelia can comply qualify your case and send out a virtual contract to ensure you lock up the lead before they get the chance to speak to another firm. Amelia can also disqualify a lead so that when she does hand someone off your your intake team you can be sure that lead is ready to sign.

We completely understand that there are few things that can compare to having a human on the phone. However, the times are changing, and some things are just no longer enough. Allow OneLaw to help augment your leads process and never miss an opportunity again.

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